What is gastric cavernous congestive inflammation? Answers from experts

Gastric congestive inflammation is a disease that many people suffer from. However, there are many people who do not know the concept as well as the signs of this disease. Let's find out about this disease with Happy Stomach!

Gastric congestive inflammation is a disease that many people suffer from. The taste cave is part of the stomach. If viewed from the front, the stomach will be J-shaped, consisting of a vertical and horizontal part. Anatomically, the stomach will be divided into several parts, starting from the center, to the bulge, the body, the cavernous and finally the pylorus. Accordingly, the taste cave is located near the end and belongs to the horizontal part of the stomach.

Because it is located in such a low position, the stomach cave is a place where there is often a "backlog" of gastric acid, causing the stomach cavernous mucosa to always be at risk of being attacked by gastric acid. In addition, although H. pylori is present in all parts of the stomach, the taste cave is always the most populous part. Thus, gastric congestive inflammation is quite common and very difficult to heal.

What is gastric cavernous congestive inflammation?

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Gastric hemorrhagic inflammation is a condition in which the lining of the gastric cavern appears inflammatory lesions. Depending on the extent and characteristics of the lesion observed through the endoscopic method, it is possible to divide the juvenile cavernitis into different forms and forms.

In particular, gastric dengues are a general diagnosis based on physical examination. When using diagnostic methods such as laparoscopy, we will clearly see the location of the lesion in the stomach as well as the extent of the lesion. Based on the degree of severe or mild congestion, it is called mild gastric congestion, moderate gastric congestive colitis or severe gastric congestive colitis.

Causes of gastric cavernous congestive disease

Common causes of gastric congestive inflammation are:

+ Unscientific diet, heavy drinking of alcohol and other stimulants.

+ Abuse of analgesics, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, corticosteroids.

+ Nervous tension, prolonged stress or due to endocrine pathologies.

+ Or especially Helicobacter Pylori (HP) gastritis.

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