Research on curcumin in stomach medicine

Since ancient times, turmeric has been known for many effective uses, turmeric has a large composition of curcumin, so scientists have also successfully researched curcumin, making curcumin from turmeric into good medicines.

Let’s read and understand more about curcumin in turmeric and its great uses.

Research on curcumin in fresh turmeric

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Fresh turmeric has the scientific name Curcuma longa L, belongs to the ginger family. In addition to this scientific name, in Oriental medicine, there is also the name Uu Kim, Khuong Hoang, which is used to make medicine.

Turmeric whose main ingredients include:

  • 1-5% essential oil, which has a light yellow aroma;
  • Starch, fat, calcium oxalate…
  • In particular, turmeric contains a lot of curcumin, which is a purple-brown crystal that is insoluble in water but only soluble in acid or alcohol.

Not only present in Vietnam, but turmeric is also very popular in other Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, China … Therefore, research works on turmeric and curcumin preparation from turmeric into medicinal form have been carried out very early in many countries around the world.

The process of research on curcumin from turmeric

Since 1815 scientists have been extracting a yellow active ingredient from turmeric, 100 years later the composition of this compound has been identified and called curcumin.

In 1933 France demonstrated that curcumin in turmeric has the ability to stimulate the secretion of bile by cells in the liver.

In 1972 India confirmed that curcumin had a good effect on patients with diabetes in fighting hyperglycemia.

In 1973 – 1992, US – Japanese scientists proved that curcumin has great effects on joints, curcumin users will be less susceptible to joint diseases, antioxidants, antibacterial …

In 1992 – 2002 published research on curcumin’s ability to strengthen the immune system and fight cancer.

In 2003, curcumin was found to be used against cerebrovascular accidents against coronary artery spasm…

Above are some stages of scientific research on turmeric. Thanks to scientific achievements that have been recognized by many countries around the world, Vietnam has also successfully applied and researched the use of curcumin in medicines.

Research on curcumin in medicines for happy stomach disease

Happy stomach medicine is one of the remarkable achievements in the application of natural curcumin from turmeric, making capsules that bring high disease treatment efficiency, do not cause side effects for users.

Currently, happy stomach medicine is popularly sold and is known by many people as a panacea to help patients with stomach and duodenal ulcers no longer worry.

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