What is Natural Curcumin?

What is Natural Curcumin? What is the use and usage? Please refer to the content in the article below for specific answers.

Curcumin has long been found in turmeric, which is an extremely popular spice in India and many other countries around the world including Vietnam.

Learn about natural curcumin


What is Natural Curcumin? People can understand simply: natural curcumin is an unprocessed curcumin that has not passed through scientific production lines but is used directly in the form of fresh turmeric or homemade turmeric starch.

Since the late twentieth century scientists have identified the role and importance of curcumin. Over time, by 2008 curcumin was put into trials to treat diseases in humans such as stomach ulcers, pulpitis, pancreatic cancer, bowel cancer … brings good results.

Many remedies for diseases and beauty from fresh turmeric have been handed down from the past until now, many people are still applying:

  • Use black turmeric, dried ground into powder mixed with black sesame, honey to treat stomach ailments.
  • Turmeric is used to fade scars, darkening left by wounds.
  • Turmeric cooked with pork for postpartum women to eat very well…

This is why curcumin is increasingly popular and researched to develop more into drugs for various diseases.

Making natural curcumin into a successful stomach medicine

Turmeric Starch Nano Curcumin Natural Herbs in Modern Medicine

Although the natural curcumin available in turmeric has a therapeutic effect, scientists believe that curcumin in this natural form has not been fully utilized. Therefore, they have researched and prepared curcumin by modern methods and lines, so that curcumin can promote the best use.

Happy stomach medicine is currently very popular with patients because of its ability to treat stomach and duodenal diseases, helping to relieve symptoms quickly, without causing side effects for users.

The drug is researched and prepared from natural curcumin combined with other ingredients, forming a capsule form manufactured and put on the market by the Royal Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Joint Stock Company. People can easily find these products at reputable pharmacies and pharmacies, or contact the company headquarters directly for more detailed advice:


Address: No. 59 Nguyen Tuan Street, Thanh Xuan Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi City, Vietnam

Customer care phone: 0971206388


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