What kind of nano curcumin is good?

On the market today, there are many types of nano curcumin, including liquid and powder form are the 2 main types that are most popular. So what kind of nano curcumin is good today and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?… Everyone refer to the article below.

Learn about Nano Curcumin

Turmeric Or Curcumin | An Anti-Inflammatory Spice | Andrew Weil, M.D.

Nano Curcumin is turmeric essence produced according to new generation nanotechnology. This nanotechnology helps to create microscopic nanoparticles that are easier to absorb into the body than conventional wire-produced curcumin.

Nano Curcumin has the ability to dissolve quickly in water 7500 times faster than conventional curcumin. The researchers said that a small amount of nano curcumin is equivalent to several kilograms of raw turmeric starch.

Which Nano Curcumin is the best today?

To serve the needs of medicine, people have researched and invented many types of curcumin including: powder, water, effervescent form, complete tablet form … Each type has a different use and advantages.

  • Nano Curcumin Powder

This is a commonly sold form of turmeric starch, this turmeric starch is also made very simply. This dry powder form is usually used for patients who are being treated for stomach diseases.

Advantages of powdered curcumin:

  • Has been removed impurities, high curcumin content;
  • The effectiveness is higher than ordinary turmeric starch, odorless, without pungent taste, easy to drink, easy to absorb, easy to dissolve in water.

Disadvantages: drinking a lot easily causes yellowing of teeth, powder form, so it is difficult to store, easy to clump, reducing quality when used.

  • Nano Curcumin Complete Tablet

To make it more convenient for users, nano curcumin tablets have been born, usually spherical tablets with a weight of about 0.05g to 0.5g.

Advantages: drink quickly, do not need to quantify, do not need to mix with water as powder. The nutrient content and curcumin content are much higher than traditional turmeric starch productions.

However, there are also some disadvantages such as: difficult to combine with other ingredients because it is only used for direct drinking. If not stored carefully, the drug is easily oxidized, deteriorating in quality over time. In addition, for this form of tablets the drug will absorb longer.

  • Nano Liquid Curcumin

Liquid nano Curcumin is often used a lot in supporting women to beautify the most.

With many advantages such as: easy to use, easy to combine with other ingredients, especially honey to create deliciousness, easy to drink and promote the best effect.

Disadvantages: need to be more careful when using, easily stained, can cause yellowing of the mouth when taken orally, does not retain the quality of curcumin.

  • Nano Curcumin Effervescent Tablet

This is the most convenient and easy-to-use form of nano curcumin, the drug can be carried everywhere without fear of damage. However, not everyone can arbitrarily use this effervescent tablet product. Because there are HCO3 salts of Na + or K + in the composition, people with cardiovascular diseases or high blood pressure should not use it.

  • Nano curcumin softgel form

This can be said to be the biggest step forward in the preparation of curcumin drugs. The form of soft capsules has 2 parts, including: the pill shell and the inner part of the drug are not related to each other.

The outer pill shell contains gelatin similar to fish oil, the drug inside is better protected.

When taken orally, the shell will soften and dissolve in the stomach so that nano curcumin escapes to maximize its use.

Curcumin in the form of soft capsules is considered by people to be both the easiest to use and the easiest to store. The drug also does not cause oral yellowing because of its lack of direct contact with curcumin.

So what kind of nano curcumin is good?

Nano curcumin is increasingly being embraced by the market and consumers because of the great uses it brings. However, curcumin is produced in many different forms, so choosing which nano curcumin product is good is not simple. Care should be paid to the following factors:

  • Origin, place of production;
  • The source of raw materials is low in impurities, contains high levels of curcumin;
  • Products must be tested and meet the standards of the Food Safety Administration and the Ministry of Health.

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