Happy Stomach – 'Long Strides' in Supporting Healthy Digestion

To solve the growing problem of stomach diseases in Vietnam, health food manufacturers are trying to access new solutions that bring greater effectiveness in preventing and supporting treatment.

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Novasol super bioavailable technology from Germany

The journey of bringing advanced technologies from countries with developed medicine to Vietnam

With the desire to make a breakthrough in stomach treatment, Diamond France research institute has approached many new technologies such as Theracurmin ™, BCM-95®, Phytosome®,.. Especially among them, Novasol is a transition to the 4.0th generation of biomedical technology in the preparation, absorption and storage of preparations with healing effects on the body of patients.

At the end of 2019, Royal Cosmetic Pharmaceutical has officially completed the process of proving capacity, transferring Novasol technology to increase the absorption of Cucurmin activity in supporting the treatment of stomach diseases from AQUANOVA AG – a pioneer enterprise from Germany in the field of applying high technology to research, production of probiotics.

Scientific conference: Novasol technology application maximizes the absorption of curcumin transferred from Germany in supporting the treatment of stomach diseases and the announcement ceremony of Happy Stomach products in Vietnam took place at Hanoi Medical University Hall on October 10, 2020, bringing a lot of useful knowledge, answering questions about Novasol technology from Germany, Happy Stomach products and especially will open up 01 perfect choice for patients who have been and will suffer from stomach-related diseases.

Why is Novasol considered a breakthrough in the technology of making active ingredients that have a healing effect on the body?

Sharing about Novasol technology, Mr. Joseph Iwanczuk – scientific expert from Germany said: "Novasol technology is researched & created by Aquanova AG and 4 famous German universities under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Education of the Federal Republic of Germany (Hohenheim, Frankfurt, Jena, Kiel). Novasol Curcumin is the first study of curcumin patented by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)."

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Scientific experts share about new technologies of the product

"Novasol technology will help curcumin active ingredients in turmeric to be separated into microscopic molecules combined with Micelle membrane to increase the bioavailability of active ingredients by 185 times & prolong the natural existence time in the human body to 24 hours instead of 2 hours as before. Thanks to its effective anti-inflammatory ability, Novasol Curcumin after reaching the stomach will help inhibit the growth of H. pylori bacteria (the cause of 80% of stomach ulcers)."

Happy Stomach – The perfect choice for patients who have been and are at risk of stomach-related diseases

In Vietnam, Happy Stomach is a new health food that successfully applies Novasol technology, with Novasol Curcumin, and Broccoli extract imported from Japan, active ingredient Glutathione from Switzerland – are powerful antioxidants and improve the immune system.

Happy Stomach - Long strides in stomach treatment support - Photo 3.

Happy Stomach – "Breakthrough" in stomach treatment support

From the perfect combination of modern technology, guaranteed raw materials and GMP production process, Happy Stomach was born, bringing good news for stomach patients.

Happy stomach reduces gastric acid to help protect the stomach lining, inhibit inflammatory factors and the growth of H. pylori bacteria, thereby helping to support the treatment of diseases:

+ Peptic ulcer

+ Gastro-esophageal reflux

+ Stomach pain

Product information:

  • Happy Stomach – Healthy stomach, Happy life
  • Hoang Gia Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Joint Stock Company
  • Hotline: 0971206388
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  • Registration Number: 8482/2020/DKSP

(This product is not a medicine, it is not a substitute for medicine)