Diet for people with stomach diseases

When suffering from stomach pain, in addition to taking medications, diet plays a very important role in treatment, reducing the impact of acid secretions on the stomach lining, helping the disease recover quickly, here are a few dietary advice for people with this disease:

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– Do not eat too full because eating too full will make the stomach swell, produce a lot of harmful acids that easily cause pain, so chew thoroughly, swallow slowly because while chewing can increase the excretion of saliva, saliva has the effect of reducing acid and saturating acid in the stomach.

– The foods to use are: mushy rice, porridge, bread, biscuits, glutinous rice, crushed fish meat, steamed or braised, milk, eggs, foods that cover the stomach lining such as glutinous rice, tapioca, bread … In particular, drinking an appropriate amount of milk is the ideal food for people with stomach ulcers because these foods are soft, easy to digest and have alkaline acrid, which has the effect of saturating the stomach with acid. Shrimp and fish are not only rich in high-quality protein, but also rich in the trace element zinc that the human body needs, the trace element is a very important substance to heal ulcers.

– Foods to abstain from: foods with high acidity; sour fruits (such as lemon, orange, grapefruit), salted tomatoes, vinegar, batches, chili sauce …; foods that create steam in the stomach (legumes, pickles, onions …); foods that damage the stomach lining (wine, beer, peppers, garlic, coffee, tea …); acid-intensive foods such as meat sauces, concentrated fish … In addition, do not eat fruits (banana pepper, papaya, apple …) and processed foods (ham, sausages, sausages …); do not eat yogurt, do not drink soft drinks with gas.

– Do not eat foods with high acidity such as sour fruits, pickled tomatoes, pickles, vinegar, batches, chili sauce …, foods that create steam in the stomach, foods that damage the stomach lining such as alcohol, peppers, garlic, coffee, tea …, foods that increase acid secretion such as meat sauces, concentrated fish …, should not eat rough foods such as dried fruits, hard foods, vegetables, chives, spicy foods, which are difficult to digest, can stimulate acid excretion and damage the thick lining of the stomach, difficult to heal ulcers and even more ulcers.

– Do not eat raw, cold foods, absolutely should not eat metamorphosed foods, it is best to eat steamed, cooked, simmered foods, and fried, fried, salted, mannequin foods that are not easily digested will increase the burden on the stomach.

– Those who still have to keep a happy spirit, build good habits in daily life, should not work too tired, stressful, smoke.

The following is a food that helps you fight stomach pain

– Ginger: Often used as a healing spice, it improves the digestive system by stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes.

– Fennel: Fennel contains a lot of anethole, which stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and digestive juices. Dill is also a rich source of aspartic acid, which helps fight flatulence. That is why many people have the habit of chewing dill seeds after meals.

– Peppermint: Peppermint is used to treat indigestion, abdominal pain, heartburn and flatulence. Mint also has a stimulating effect on appetite, treats nausea and headaches. Spicy mint tea can help relieve sore throat.

For people with stomach pain, in addition to diet, psychological problems are also very important, stress and anxiety can all develop diseases.

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