Are curcumin supplements really that good?

Curcumin supplements are currently commonly used in the market, so what is the reality of this product? Is it really good or not? Let's follow the article below. 

Discover the amazing uses of curcumin for health

10 Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin

Since ancient times, grandparents have used turmeric to spice and cure various diseases including stomach ailments. Turmeric in Oriental medicine is also considered a precious, benign and safe medicine. However, not everyone knows all the uses from turmeric, especially in turmeric containing very high curcumin ingredients, this essence has now been successfully researched and prepared into many medicinal products.

Some of the uses of curcumin in turmeric bring:

  • As a natural anti-inflammatory agent, it has the effect of treating stomach and duodenal ulcers, besides arthritis, hepatitis …
  • It is a potent antioxidant active ingredient, capable of neutralizing and preventing free radicals from growing, preventing cancer.
  • Helps beautify the skin, control weight, is good for the heart and supports the health of women after giving birth.

In the past, people used turmeric directly to cure diseases, but researchers said that this use will not be able to bring the best effect, curcumin will not be able to promote and absorb 100% into the body, so successfully researched nano curcumin made into nano functional foods with higher use.

Successfully prepared nano curcumin will have a microscopic molecular size, easily soluble, easy to absorb, sustainable with the Ph environment in the intestine, not transferred by liver enzymes, so the absorption rate into the body is better.

It has been calculated that only 2ml or 2g nano curcumin has the same effect as 2kg of fresh turmeric or 60g of ordinary turmeric starch.

Which nano curcumin supplement to choose on the market?

Choosing nano curcumin supplements is the number 1 choice of patients today. However, there are also many different types on the market, with different ingredients and uses, so consumers will definitely be confused.

Thanks to modern technology and production lines, Royal Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Joint Stock Company has successfully prepared happy stomach capsules today. There are ingredients including: string tea, da cam, gentian, licorice, dried leaves, umbrellas, carcasses, lime jars, novasol curcumin …

The drug is trusted by everyone and used with high efficiency in the treatment of diseases of the stomach and duodenum. Besides, it also provides turmeric curcumin supplements that are also good for people with stomach diseases.

The drug is contraindicated for subjects: taking other drugs, drinkers who regularly harm the stomach; People with stomach and duodenal ulcers have the following manifestations: heartburn, belching, heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux….

Above is some information about curcumin supplements if you still wonder what problems people can contact for more specific advice.


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