Curcumin aims for new steps in the treatment of stomach diseases

Targeted curcumin is considered a new step in the treatment of stomach diseases, with many advantages superior to conventional curcumin.

Curcumin is the essence found in turmeric, which is used a lot in medicine to prepare medicines.

In addition to effectively treating stomach diseases, this essence also supports diseases such as arthritis, cancer, hepatitis, skin beauty, and health restoration for postpartum women.

Some of the superior features of targeted curcumin

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In the past, conventional curcumin was still used a lot in the treatment of drugs for stomach diseases, but now scientists have researched and confirmed that curcumin is more effective because it overcomes the disadvantages of conventional curcumin.

Targeted curcumin helps to completely solve two major problems: bioavailability and specificity on peptic ulcer disease.

On the surface of ulcer cells contain a lot of folate receptors that have very strong folic acid-sucking properties. Taking advantage of this property, scientists have attached folic acid on the surface of curcumin to help curcumin essence target ulcer sites on the stomach to focus on treating ulcers, avoiding curcumin being wasted in the body like old curcumin essences.

Happy stomach pills apply curcumin essence effectively and safely

After the research process, scientists have successfully prepared a happy stomach pill to apply curcumin essence towards the target.

The composition of the drug is 100% from natural herbs, has been clearly tested for origin, so everyone can completely feel secure to use it.

After being put on the market, the drug has been well received by many people and has also supported the treatment of many patients.

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